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Father's Day was June 18, 2000. On this page you will find some words of wisdom and love to all CYBER Daddy's. You are our rock. You deserve this special Day!



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If you are an MSGolf Fanatic, you will want to check out the newest release at AMAZON.COM. MSGOLF2001  can be pre-ordered for it's September 19th release.

Just click on the link above, then the SOFTWARE tab, GAMES and then GOLF. You will see the PREVIEW of it near the bottom of the first page. Click on that and check out the new graphics. Going to be a blast for sure!


I am happy to offer these outstanding new "Viewlets" and "Tutorials". Please check out this page to see if there is something that you would like step-by-step instructions on. There will be many more added as time goes on and if you know of something that you would like to see a tutorial on, please drop me a note and let me know. I will do my best to get that placed on my site as soon as possible.

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I call this my "Yellow Lace" page, probably because the graphics on the page is all Yellow Lace!  *S*

Being a gamer, I have a special link to my favorite gaming site and the TheLadder.Com FunSite.


But if you want to play a game right now.. go to THIS PAGE and play one of the old time favorites.  More games to come real soon!  HAVE FUN!!!


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The page that this will take you to is dedicated to "Someone" that I don't even know who it is. They sent this to me on my darkest day.. and made it a little brighter. This is true friendship! Please enjoy it with me!


And THEN to top it all off.. the next month (June, 2000)  another one of my "Whimsical Sisters" started sending me things and they always came to me at just the right moment when I needed something to make me smile and to let me know that everything was going to be OK again soon! Please check out these wonderful "GIFTS" I was given by "AngelRoseKisses".


Here is another FRIENDS page. Can
you tell that friends mean a lot to me?

I'm a BIG Stephen King Fan and you can see other links  on my special page about him.


"Mande Web Design" would love to design and create a webpage for you.  Check them out!

Follow the links and see
where they lead you!

Follow this link and find the beautiful Secret Garden I found!


OH..and check out this hilarious site! Put in the URL to this site or the URL to another site you know, and be prepared to laugh yourself silly!

Need to smile? Then please read the "Thought for the Day"


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My GIFT page.
Please view the beautiful "gifts" I received when I joined WOW (Women Of Worth) WebRing. These women are amazing! Visit their sites.. they will do your heart and soul good!
There are other gifts there as well!

As I was "surfing" around the web, I found some wonderful "friends" that needed to be adopted. And, being the kind hearted person I am, I just couldn't refuse them! Please come visit my "Adopted" family of friends. They grow constantly, so please come visit often. And if you know of other "Friends" needing to be adopted, please let me know!  *wink*



Please join me in celebrating the GRAND OPENING of my TWO new VStores! 

If you have "computer needs" this is the place for you! If you'd like to save $10-$33 on your first order, send me an EMAIL with YOUR email addy and the words "Comp-Vstore" in the subject line.. And I will send to you instructions on how to save! (These offers are only good until May 31,2000) (Psssst  I take Credit Cards too!!)

And if you are looking for that hard to find book.. or that best seller or just a book for that special gift, take a look at my new BookStore. There are over 35,000 books to chose from.

If you would like to search the stores before visiting them, please go to my "Store Page" and use the search fields there!  Hope you find what you're looking for!

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