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My "Badge" of being a proud member of WOW! Come join us today!
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Valeen aka QuakerMom6

I joined WOW (Women Of Worth) on the 29th of March, 2000  and since then I have been bestowed many many wonderful "gifts" which I must display for all to see!

These women are so inspiring and wonderful to know that they are out there having fun and enjoying life as it should be and sharing it as we all should!

I have visited numerous "random" sites in my new WOW WebRing and I am amazed at the wondrous sites I have come upon! Talk about inspiration!

I encourage everyone, Men, Women and Kids to click on the WOW sites and give your eyes and heart and soul something refreshing to rest upon! I know you will go back time and time again to the sites you have found.. I know I will !

Now.. some of the beautiful gifts I have received! Thank you all sooo very very much for the warm welcome!

Thank you ladies..   ~L~

And I promise I'll display all that I get!
*hint* *hint* ~S~

Once I get better into graphics, I will also be leaving my "mark" on the newbies pages! This is a wonderful group, thank you for taking me in!

I was also the proud recipient of some wonderful "gifts" from a "Secret Heart". She came at the exact right moment in time. I have pages of what she sent me. Please take a peek at them too and share them with me. Nothing brings a smile to my face faster than sharing with Friends

If you'd like to join this super group of women, please go to my WebRings page and click on the WOW Ring. You won't be disappointed!

I also received other gifts that I am pleased to display. If you would like to view them, please click over to my 



by: Lady Cerridwen

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from Anna !! 

from Auriel! 





















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