I never knew pain before.

I believed LOVE was unconditional.

I trusted a friendship to be honest and real.

I dedicated myself to one, but was deceived by many.

A smile evades my lips now, it has turned itself upside down.

I truly believe that a heart is the strongest muscle in your body.

It is the most tender part of a person's life, bearing the brunt of it all.

The pain of a broken heart never goes away. The memories won't let it.

If you are told that noone dies of a broken heart, do not believe them. Trust me.. I know it happens!


Farewell to those I loved..

farewell to those I love still...

farewell to those who love me...

farewell to those who have loved me.


I do not leave you with sorrow or regrets, only memories.

Do not mourn my passing, but instead, rejoice in my life as it was lived.
Do not regret the things we never did, instead cherish what we accomplished.
Do not be sad for me, instead feel happy I am no longer in pain.


Lacey 10/00