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Stephen King is my most favorite author. I had the privilege of getting a couple of my books autographed by him. Although I was unable to meet him at the time, I was able to leave my books for him to sign, and he returned them to me.

I have all his books, but have been slack in reading the latest ones.. hmm seems the computer has taken over too much of my reading time !  ;)

On this page, I have collected some links to other fans of SK and posted them here for all to share.  I have also taken excerpts from some of his books in hopes to start some discussions around them.  Please feel free to participate in any or all discussions groups.  And if you have an excerpt you'd like to see presented here, please send it along to me.. 

Stephen King
and I share the same birth DAY (not the year.. hehehe). Maybe that is why I have this understanding and appreciation of his works.. and can somehow understand how he writes and where his imagination goes when he's thinking of his next novel or story.

He is a fascinating person and a well respected person of his community of Bangor, Maine.

I do not profess to know all about SK, all I am saying is that I enjoy his works and his mind. He scares the death out of me most of the time, and leaves my mind in a tizzy for weeks after finishing some of his works.  For example, I read "The Stand" YEARS ago.. and to this date, whenever I hear a newscaster sneeze on the TV or on the radio, I think of that story. I also drive by some houses and say to myself, "Now..when everyone is gone and I have a choice of where to live, I am going to live THERE."  hehehe

Here are some links to start off with.. and I will add more as time permits.. Also.. if anyone one of you have some wonderful links that you would like to share with all of us, please feel free to send them to me and I will include them here as well.  Include a little bit about what the site is about and I will make sure your acknowledged as providing us this link.. :) 



Thank you IcePrincess
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Riding the Bullet
Published by Scribner/Philtrum Press

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This is the official Stephen King WebSite.  So much information here. A MUST for everyone's SK Library of links to visit!

This site belongs to "David" and he offers a Stephen King mailing list, excerpts from his newly released book "Riding The Bullet" and a host of other HORRORIFIC things. A must Go To.

Here is where you need something to bite on so you don't scream.. You can join the SK Library and receive HardCover books and VERY reasonable prices. Also, members get specials every now and then.. Check it out!! But HAVE been warned!!!

The Movies of Stephen King

This site lists all of Stephen King's Movies.  When you see a movie you are interested in, you click on the title and you are brought to a shopping center where you can buy it on VHS or DVD. There is also a short description of the movie as well.  A must CLICK TO for movie fans!

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